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Can pastors be paid out of tithes?

Submitted: 8/13/2008
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Question: If a pastor pays his tithes to the church he pastors and then takes a salary from that church, isn't he paying his tithes to himself? In light of King David's statement that his sacrifice should 'cost' something, shouldn't the pastor pay his tithes to another church, foreign missions, perhaps? It seems corrupt to me.

Answer: We fail to see any inherent corruption in what you describe. We admit that there could be corruption, but the possibility of corruption can exist in any system. We believe the system you described is perfectly legitimate, provided it is open, honest, and under accountable oversight. What is far more prone to corruption is when a single pastor has sole discretion over how the income is spent or claims to have exclusive right to receive all the tithes of the assembly. We believe it is far better for all the tithes of the assembly to go into an account out of which all salaries are paid, including those of the pastors.