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Who is the the apparition at Medugorje?

Submitted: 8/13/2008
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Question: Why does the Catholic church teach that Mary, Jesus' mother, was raised from the grave and assumed into heaven when the apostles have not recorded the resurrection of Mary. Surely if she had been raised they would have recorded it to give us further hope of our own resurrection. At Medugorje who do you think is appearing there? Is it an evil spirit pretending to be Mary. Some years ago I had a near death experience during a grave life-threatening illness where I felt a spiritual part of me leave my body and exist apart from my body. I could not seee my body beneath me but I knew where it was. IT WAS STILL ME BUT A SPIRIT. It was a terrible experience for me. I recovered but I still remember it. I must emphasize that I am an atheist so I had this EXPERIENCE apart from any spiritual beliefs about death and after it. WOULD IT BE DANGEROUS TO VISIT MEDUGORJE IF IT IS SATAN WHO IS APPEARING THERE?

Answer: Medugorje is a tourist attraction. We have no idea who or what appears there, but we can say with certainty that it is not the mother of Jesus. You indicate that you believe in 'evil spirits' yet you don't believe in God. That is a patently satanic belief system. Rather than visiting Medugorje, we suggest you visit a good apostolic church where you can repent of your atheism and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ.