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Hearing voices

Submitted: 6/18/2005
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Question: When I was a kid, I would hear voices telling me to jump out of the car or to kill myself, and to even do harmful things to other people. I would close my eyes and pray until they went away. I have recently started having dreams about death. My death. I pray, but for some reason they scare me and I get really depressed and when I stop praying for a certain amount of time the dreams go away. I actually feel that I am going to die soon! What can I do?

Answer: The Scriptures tell us that there is an actual devil who is our adversary and desires to destroy our lives. But we are not to fear Him, for Jesus Christ is infinitely greater than the devil. The key is to yield yourself completely to Jesus.

In the fourth chapter of James, he tells us to humble ourselves, submit to God (which means to be willing to do whatever He tells you), and resist the devil. You will not have the power to resist these destructive thoughts until you first submit yourself fully to God. The important thing is to not stop praying. That is to play into the hands of the adversary. Instead you should pray even more. The Bible promises that if you submit to God and resist the devil, your adversary will flee from you. We encourage you to take God at His word!

You may need others in the local body to support you in this with their encouargement and prayers. Do not be afraid to reach out.