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Latter-Rain Heresy

Submitted: 6/17/2005
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Question: Some who have a death grip on their position as 'sole-pastor' say The Glorious Church is nothing more than 'latter-rain,' using the term in a derogatory way. How do your teachings differ? What have they in common with the latter-rain/liberation theology movement? Are there further points that you would like to make? Thank you.

Answer: We believe that our book The Glorious Church is based on true apostolic doctrine. We are not aware of any similarities between what we have set forth and the various movements you have named. This may be because we have never studied these movements in depth. If you could provide us with specific points, we would be glad to respond to them.

BTW, just because two groups agree on certain points does not make those points automatically wrong. For example, both Catholics and Apostolics believe in the necessity of baptism; both Apostolics and Mennonites believe in the importance of outward holiness. Just because someone agrees with us on one point does not make that point wrong and does not mean that we agree with that person on other points. Let's be careful not to paint with too broad a brush.

Has the person who made these assertions actually read The Glorious Church? If so, he ought to be able to tell you which points he had in mind.