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Choices and God's will

Submitted: 6/5/2005
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Question: Since my apostolic husband is trying to divorce me, and I don't want to stay here in the same town, two apostolic church's have asked me to come to their church. The one I want to go to is my last pastor, and they still want me even without my husband, because knowing what he has done to us, as well as the other church. I just want God's will.

Answer: It is not always a simple matter when deciding which local assembly to participate in. It sounds as though the people where your former pastor serves care about you and are willing to accept you in spite of your present difficulties.

We suggest considering the following factors when choosing an assembly:

1. Do you sense the presence of God in the meetings?

2. Do the people, including those in leadership, seem to genuinely love God and one another?

3. Do the people, including those in leadership, seem to genuinely care about you?

4. Is the atmosphere spiritual, joyful, and godly?

5. Is the Bible esteemed as the Word of God and is it taught without compromise?

6. Are the fundamental doctrines clearly biblical?

7. Is there openness and easy access to needed ministry?

8. When you leave the meetings and functions of the assembly, do you feel refreshed, blessed, and edified, or do you feel discouraged and spiritually battered?

These may not be the only things to consider, but they are definitely some important things to consider.