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What is our mission?

Submitted: 7/28/2008
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Question: In Matthew 28:19, was Jesus saying that we are to leave our homes and go to other nations to preach the gospel? I was told by a pastor that that's not what Jesus meant. Actually, Jesus was telling us that as we travel, we make disciples on our way or where we stop or stay.

Answer: Jesus told His disciples to 'Go and make disciples of all the nations.' This command had specific application to the men He was speaking to: they were begin a process of evangelizing the entire world. Of course, no single individual can go everywhere, so each must have his own specific part of the world to which he is sent. For example, on one occasion Peter and John wnet to Samaria. Paul went to Greece, Rome, and other places. As a general instruction to all believers, the thrust of this command is that we must all be willing to 'Go!' For some this may mean going to your nextdoor neighbor. For others is may mean going to the job site. For others, it may mean going to Africa or India or China. The point is, we must all be willing to go as the Lord sends us into our specific mission fields.