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Lost or not

Submitted: 6/1/2005
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Question: I have heard of some who belive in receiving the Holy Ghost with speaking in tongues, but still believe in the trinty. We know that all liares will have their part in the lake of fire. The trinty is a lie and all those who teach it are liars, so having said that, are these people lost?

Answer: There is a difference between saying something that is not true and lying. To tell a lie means to intentionally deceive someone. Some people are not intending to deceive, they just don't realize that what they are saying is not true. So it is important to make that distinction.

Also, salvation involves more than simply receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. It involves repentance, faith, baptism in the name of Jesus, AND receiving the Spirit. We must then walk by faith and pursue holiness. Some people go part way, but not all the way. To be saved for eternal life, a person must obey the complete plan of salvation.