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Comments by 3-year-old

Submitted: 5/13/2005
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Question: Our 3-year-old grandson disrupted a home fellowship meeting recently. He said we could not sing songs of worship or pray in our home because he wasn't wearing his church suit and we weren't in his church building. Out of the blue a few days later, he told his mother that his pastor is God! Do you think these thoughts are harmless?

Answer: Little children are very impressionable and often speak out of their immature understanding. The comments of your grandson reflect a skewed view of reality and certainly need to be corrected. Unfortunately, it is these kinds of immature perspectives that, when left unchallenged, grow into the kind of dogmatic ideologies that perpetuate the belief that church only happens within certain buildings and that a pastor is the ultimate authority in a local assembly. These ideas are not harmless.