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Should people be pressured to worship?

Submitted: 7/7/2008
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Question: My church believes strong in worshiping, such as dancing in the spirit. Now I love the worship God just like everyone else. But sometimes when I do not feel the presence of the Lord on me, people in my church push in the middle of the aisle and put pressure on me to worship. Whenever this happens, a lot of times I start shouting, but one time I faked shouting just because they pressured me to worship. Now I have repented for doing that, but still sometimes during church people push me to worship. What should i do? I worship a lot during church, but if I am not doing it everytime the music is on then some people will literally push me to worship. Is it right to pressure someone else to worship? Thanks and God bless.

Answer: We suggest you speak to the people who do this and ask them to give you some space. Let them know that just because you are not dancing and shouting, this does not mean you have a problem or a bad spirit. Tell them that you appreciate their concern, but that you consider worship to be a very personal matter and you would appreciate it if would respect that.