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Should we love our spouse more than our children?

Submitted: 7/3/2008
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Question: A friend of mine told me that in the Bible it says we should love our spouse more then our children. Is this true?

Answer: We would say that we love our spouse differently than we love our children. This is because the relationships are different. A spouse is an adult with whom we have joined ourselves into a lifelong union. Husbands and wives should be supporters of each other, best friends, confidants, helpers, lovers. Children, at least while they are younger, are in need of direction, instruction, provision, and discipline. Under the law of love, we are to love our spouses, our children, our friends, and even our enemies. But how that love is expressed is different due to the differences in the nature of the relationships.

Another difference between children and spouses is that one day your children will leave you, but your spouse will be with you until death. We should be careful not to place our children ahead of our spouse.