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Why can't I find counseling?

Submitted: 6/21/2008
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Question: I asked a member of the faith for couseling for my son. I knew he needed help and I needed correction so I asked for assistance and the person agreed to counsel us on a spritual or biblical perspective by first speaking with me and then they would speak with my son. My son threw some things at me in a rage back in May 2008. One of the items hit me and I ended up with stiches. I went to the police station afterward and inquired about a ticket I found in his things for theft. They asked what happened and I told them and they went to my home to arrest him. That was 4 days after he turned 17. He was in jail overnight and should have gotten out the next day but ended up spending the weekend in jail. I prayed often for him as I didn't want the homosexuals to handle him. He stated he prayed everynight too. I went to see him on mother's day, the day before they released him. I saw a immature child who apologized to me and also told me how bored he was and how a man was showing him dirty pictures. He was so happy when he got released he cried on the sidewalk of the county jail. I tried not to show him how much I cried for him. In any case, he has a lot of maturing to do. The person who stated they would counsel him stated they can no longer cousel him and I explaind to them that the reason I came to them was for him but they stated they are only a student in physchology and can not see him as he was no previously involved with the law nor had hit me before. At first they said they would counsel me by a biblical/spiritual perspective. Now they are stating due to their student status as a physchology student they can not counsel him. Am I not hearing two things? When Jesus Christ came to teach the diciples, he was biased toward them because they were sinful but rather taught them as they were willing to listen or attempt to follow him. Shouldn't we all be the same way, willing to counsel instead of looking for reasons not to counsel? I had no choice but to go outside the faith for counseling for him. In some way it makes me feel like the counselor is saying Jesus won't work when it comes to me and my situation.

Answer: Please read our article 'Shepherd or Counselor?,' which you can find on Shelf 6 of the Apostolic Free Libarary on this web site.