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Views on the pope

Submitted: 4/18/2005
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Question: Since pope John Paul the second has passed away, a lot of prominent evangelical Christians in America have openly expressed their thoughts about the pope. People like Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, and others have said that the pope was a great leader, a great person, and in a way seem to be sucking up to the public about the pope. Aren't these so-called evangelical Christians only causing confusion among the people who are not christian and aren't these people hypocritical?

Answer: It is important to be able to distinguish between the man and the office he held. As a man, John Paul II stood tall for some important moral issues. He was a strong voice for the traditional family and against the crime of abortion. Sadly, he did not raise a very strong voice against the child molesting of some priests, and he opposed capital punishment.

As a political spokesman, his efforts to tear down the Iron Curtain rank as significant as Ronald Reagan's. In fact, it may have been the tandem work of both men that brought about the sudden and profound end to the tyranny of the east European dictators.

Having said all that, this man was also the leader of the largest religious 'cult' in the world. He prayed to Mary and came close to deifying her. As apostolic believers, we may consider John Paul II to be a false prophet when we think of him as the pope, but we can also appreciate the good things he stood for as a man and the positive difference he made in the hearts and minds of some people.