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Dresses and gym class

Submitted: 4/18/2005
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Question: I am a member of an Apostolic church. I believe that women should wear dresses. But one day my grandmother came to me and said, Do you believe that girls should wear dresses? I said yes. She said her mom was a member at a Pentecostol church. Her mom made her wear dresses everyday. She said one day in gym class she had to do some flips or she would fail.She tryed to tell her teacher about her religion. But her teacher did not understand. So she had to fail gym class because if she wore a dress then it would come up. She asked me how I felt about that and I did not know what to say. Please tell me your opinion. Thanks

Answer: Every year I write a letter to the gym teacher at the local high school asking that the girls from our church be allowed to wear a skirt over their gym clothes. This has always been accepted. I simply tell them that it is a religious conviction and the belief of our church. They really can't argue with that.

On one ocassion a young person was required to do something that was immodest, so I asked the teacher if she could do something else to earn credit. The teacher cooperated. I have found that the schools are generally cooperative in matters like this.

I have only intervened when the father of the child was not a believer and unwilling. Normally it ought to be a Christian father's job to step in and intervene in behalf of his son or daughter. An even better option for Christians is to home educate, which will enable the children to avoid such situations.