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Eldership vs tradition

Submitted: 4/14/2005
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Question: We are so quick to condemn the 'catholic' church for its views on almost any given topic. I am wondering what would happen if some 'apostolic' churches were to look in a mirror, would we condemn ourselves? I know the answer, we would somehow justify what we teach by taking scriptures out of context to support some 'principle.' My question is this, please explain what the difference is between the non-catholic pastor and the catholic pope. I fear that in most congregations there is not much of a difference. I'd appreciate your opinion on this topic.

Answer: According to Roman Catholic teachings, the Pope is considered to be 'infallible.' Furthermore, he is called the 'Vicar of Christ,' meaning that he is the human representative and representation of Christ on earth to the church. In addition to that, he serves a lifelong tenure from which he cannot be removed. To the degree that any man postures himself as the infallible head of an assembly and may serve until he either dies or removes himself, this man is a pope, irrespective of the title he may assign himself.

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