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Sex addiction

Submitted: 4/14/2005
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Question: I believe I am a sex addict and I need help. My experience with the apostolic church leads me to believe that this topic is taboo. The church and this site have not even posted anything on this subject. This is a growing problem.

Answer: The matter you have brought up is essentially a character deficiency and a relationship problem. Some of the real issues are lack of self-control, self-centeredness, selfish desires, love of pleasure, misuse of other people, and the failure to esteem others and love others with Christ-like love. So you see, this problem has been addressed on this website, although indirectly.

The Bible says that in the Presence of God are 'pleasures forevermore.' The obsessive seeking of pleasurable sensations through sexual activities is simply seeking pleasure from the wrong source. This is not to say that sexual pleasure is always wrong. But it must be within the marital relationship and must be derived through mutual love. When it is sought after selfishly and obsessively and outside the bounds of marriage, it is indeed sinful and ultimately unfulfilling and destructive.

The answer to this, as well as any other addictive behavior, is the Spirit of God along with godly, accountable relationships within the body of Christ. These kinds of realtionships can found in biblical home groups.

We recommend that you start by reading the articles in the Apostolic Free Library on Shelf 6. Home Groups and Body Life. Perhaps other visitors to this website could post some encouraging testimonies of how God has helped them with this problem.