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Parallel between Moses and pastors

Submitted: 7/8/2004
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Question: Is there any place in Scripture that shows a parallel between Moses and the prophets, and what is traditionally called a pastor?

Answer: I would say that Moses and the prophets are types of Jesus operating as the Head of the Church. Having said that, I would also say that Moses and the prophets also teach us much about the work of church leaders. We learn about pastoring by looking at Jesus the Chief Shepherd, but also by looking at David, the shepherd-king. We learn about prophecy by looking at Jesus as the 'Prophet who is to come,' but also by looking at the prophets of the OT. I hope you see what I'm saying here. The overseers of the church express in many ways the Headship of Jesus over a local assembly. But the point is, wherever we see a single leader in the OT, this is, I believe, intended to be a type of Jesus as the Head (at least the good leaders). Under the various single leaders of Israel, we often see the 'elders of Israel' doing the hands-on work of leading God's people.