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Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit

Submitted: 4/12/2005
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Question: I am a Apostolic member at a church in Olive Hill, KY. My question is, my church believes in the Holy Ghost. But whenever we prech about the Holy Ghost, we never say the word Holy Spirt. I know it is the same Spirt. But then why do you think we do not preach about the Holy Spirt? Thanks

Answer: English is a rich language with many words coming from a variety of sources. For example, the English word 'ghost' comes from Germanic roots (geist), while the word 'spirit' comes from Latin roots (spiritus). Both words mean exactly the same thing. The King James Version uses the terms Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit. Many newer versions use only the term Holy Spirit. It really doesn't matter which term is used, they mean the same thing. It is a matter of preference, not doctrine.