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Must a Christian man be clean shaven?

Submitted: 3/24/2005
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Question: My question is 'is there any scripture at all that leads or sets in order clean shave face or is there no scripture that supports any person's conviction on this subject? I have looked for some ground, but have not found any place to stand ...one way or the other.....Thank you

Answer: We do not know of any verse of Scripture which enjoins men to be clean shaven. In fact, throughout much of human history men wore beards and in some societies to be clean shaven was considered effeminate. Having said this, we live in 21st century America and our culture is different from ancient Israel. Also, there is no Scripture condemning a clean shaven face.

To shave or not to shave, that is the question. I believe the best basis to use in making this decision is: What will help you to be the most effective witness for Jesus Christ? The answer to this question may be different for different people. Let everyone be persuaded in his own mind and let us not judge one another.