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Song of Lamech

Submitted: 3/10/2005
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Question: In Genesis 4:23-24 we read about Lamech. He is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus and others but can you explain in detail about what this passage was talking about. I have never heard anyone preach on this, but it is in God's word and was put there for a reason, but what is it?

Answer: The Lamech mentioned in the geneology of Jesus was the father of Noah. This is not the same Lamech who wrote the song you referred to in your question. This Lamech was a descendent of Cain and was apparently a viscious man. In his song, he brags to his wives that he is able to kill in retribution a man who merely wounded him and a boy who merely bruised him. In other words, he went far beyond the principle of an 'eye for an eye.' He may have used weapons fashioned by his son Tubal-Cain (Genesis 4:22). This Lamech seems to be mentioned as one who led the way into the violent society that dominated the earth during the days of Noah. This was one of the reasons for the great flood.