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Is it too late for a beating?

Submitted: 5/10/2008
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Question: My son went to jail for throwing something that hit me. Although I was not pressing charges, he was arrested. He is 17 as of Sunday May 4, 2008. I only went to get help for him (counseling). My family says he deserves a beating and his dad wants to beat him (although his is never in Eduardo's life). Do you agree all these people who don't know God telling me this. Even some saints? The Bible says for such were some of you. They have forgoten that the type of beating they speak of angers people, even the verbal abuse they put me through growing up. I don't agree with them. He is considered an adult now, immature, but nevertheless an adult. I said I was worried because he is with adult violent men who will have no problem violating him, beating him etc. I don't hate my son, I forgive him. But at this point in his life, do you agree he needs a beating on top of whatever the judge perscribes? He goes to court Monday to see what the judge says. The DA is recommending he go through with the couseling considering he has no priors and just turned 17. I know there is nothing I can do. A sister in the Lord told me to put him in God's hands. I am trying to. As I went to leave him money today, I couldn't help but worry and I tried to be stong but I ended up sobbing. Eddie needs help not beatings.

Answer: We do not know enough about the situation to be able to comment on whether or not your son needs a beating. In general, we would say that 17 is beyond the years of beating children. Of course, when we use the term beating we are talking about discipling in a responsible manner and not actually damaging a child. It sounds as though there are many issues which ought to be discussed with the spiritual leaders of your assembly. We encourage you to sit down with them and your husband to discuss these matters.