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Why am I caught in the middle?

Submitted: 5/8/2008
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Question: I am caught between two men, the first being my husband and the second being my pastor. I feel as if I were the rope in a tug of war, being pulled in both directions. My pastor wants me in church every service, but my husband says that I can only go two times a week and no more. Now my pastor wants me to teach a ladies class which will require a third day. Now my husband is saying that I can no longer go to mid-week Bible study. That I can't have both ways. What am I to do about this? My husband can be very infuriating. What do I tell my pastor?

Answer: We believe you need to be completely honest with your pastor about all the details of your delimma. In the end, your husband is your head and you must submit to him short of committing sin. But submission is more than just an agreement to obey; it is a spirit. Men often have a tough time resisting the entreaties of a meek and quiet, submissive spirit. We encourage you to discuss these matters with your pastor and do your utmost to show a good spirit toward your husband. Jesus is able to work these things out.