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Question about baptism and plan of salvation?

Submitted: 4/25/2008
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Question: Back in 1979 when I was 13, I baptized my cousin in Lake Michigan in Jesus Name knowing she must be born again. She ran home and told her grandma and her grandmother disregarded it and shooed her away. About two weeks ago I was thinking about her and a week later I met with her and she brought it up remembering being baptized. Did that baptism count? Today she preaches the cross alone and thinks all you have to do is beleive. I told her the demons beleive and tremble, yet they are not saved. She said they only beleive unto Jesus to salvation but nothing else. I only know to give her the message of Acts 2:38. The rest is up to God. I actually gave her a tract. Should I follow up?

Answer: We have no way of knowing whether the baptsim in 1979 was acceptable to God. We do know that her current beliefs are not. As to whether or not you should follow-up, why not? If she is willing to discuss these things, keep discussing them. You never know when the light bulb will go off and understanding will enter in.