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Am I just insecure?

Submitted: 4/21/2008
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Question: I have been born again in an apostolic setup for the past two and half years. Before I used to pray (like during exams, etc) to God though I was leading the life that now I realise was far away from Jesus. My concern is that many times when I do good I check or compare if it is according to the Word of God. What troubles me is that I am conscious as if I am saying to God 'See, I'm doing this, then do Your promise in my life.' Is this normal? Have I received Christ totally or am I still growing as the Book of Phillipians states? Or I am insecure? Is it reverence fear of the LORD? Please clear this up for me. God bless you.

Answer: Since we do not know you personally, we are unable to provide you with a responsible analysis of your spiritual condition. This is why God places us in a local assembly. We recommend you discuss these concerns with your spiritual leaders. That what they are there for.