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Did I plant a seed in this Muslim man?

Submitted: 3/18/2008
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Question: Today I met a Muslim taxi man who told me he didn't beleive in Christianity because God could not be a man, he is God not human. I told him God can do whatever He wants, He is the creator of heaven and earth, God Almighty. I went on to tell him in the begining was the word and the word was God and the word came down and dwelt among us. I told him what I remember from the preaching CD's I collected from Parkway, Abundant Life, and Almas ministries. I wasn't sure but I think he just got tired of the conversation. He said never mind and dropped me off at my destination. I left him with God bless you. Was that a seed planted? How would you respond?

Answer: It sounds as though you planted a good seed. What more could be said? This issue of God becoming a man was a huge stumbling block for Muhammed, the founder of Islam, and continues to be a stumbling bock for most Muslims today. To them, such and idea is unthinkable.