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What do you think of singing groups?

Submitted: 3/17/2008
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Question: What do you think about singing groups coming to church to entertain? My church occasionally has a singing group that will come to our church on a Sunday night to 'perform.' I personally don't like to be entertained at church. I'd rather be entertaining Jesus. We had a group that came last night. I attended when they came one year ago, but couldn't wait for it to end. They seemed to be a little too proud of their voices and of how they wrote the songs themselves. They performed to their canned music. This year, I went to a small rural Pentecostal church, instead.

Answer: We have no issues with a group of singers and/or musicians coming to an assembly to participate in a time of celebration and praise. And we will acknowledge that this can be entertaining in a sense. What we mean is, it can make you feel good! But we do have an objection to bringing singers and/or musicians in for the purpose of entertaining the people of God. There is a time and place for entertainment, as long as it is kept in moderation. But we ought to be careful to make a clear distinction between entertainment and worship. Some have slipped over the line and become more interested in heaping praise to themselves than to the Lord. This is what brought down Lucifer.