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What is wrong with our church???

Submitted: 3/17/2008
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Question: Our church has been in existence for ten years, but it cannot keep the people that come in. Just recently we lost three families and another one is fixing to leave. Something is terribly off, but we can't put our finger on what it is. Every time we attend we come home empty and disturbed!? Very troubled. What is God trying to tell us?

Answer: Just because people leave a local assembly does not mean there is a problem with the assembly. There might be a problem with the people who are leaving. At the beginning of the sixth chapter of the book of John, Jesus had a congregation of over 5000. By the end of the chapter the number had shrunk to 12 (and one of them was a devil). Of course, we have no way of knowing what might be wrong, since we are not there. We have offered the following criteria to people who are looking for a church to connect with. Perhaps it will help you assess the church you currently attend. You will have to assess what God is telling you.

1. Do you sense the presence of God in the meetings?

2. Do the people, including those in leadership, seem to genuinely love God and one another?

3. Do the people, including those in leadership, seem to genuinely care about you?

4. Is the atmosphere spiritual, joyful, and godly?

5. Is the Bible esteemed as the Word of God and is it taught without compromise?

6. Are the fundamental doctrines clearly biblical?

7. Is there openness and easy access to needed ministry?

8. When you leave the meetings and functions of the assembly, do you feel refreshed, blessed, and edified, or do you feel discouraged and spiritually battered?