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Why are choirs unhealthy?

Submitted: 3/17/2008
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Question: Why do you believe that church choirs are spiritually unhealthy? Is it because a spirit of competition is produced? The reason I ask is because every church I have been to, a spirit of competition seems to manifest itself.

Answer: We recognize that many people will disagree with us on this. We also recognize that what we are saying is not necessarily true in every assembly. But we have observed that choirs can, as you say, produce a competative spirit. They can also produce pride and showmanship. They are often used to manipulate people into complying with holiness standards and punishing them when they compromise on a standard. They can also be a continual source of contention among church members. Martin Luther once said, 'When the devil fell from heaven, he fell into the choir loft.' By not having a choir, at least the devil will have to find another place to inhabit.