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Can you explain Hebrews 10:26?

Submitted: 3/13/2008
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Question: I recently heard a very prominent Oneness Pentecostal preacher describe the wilfull sin mentioned in Hebrews 10:26 as any sin we intend to commit and also intend to ask forgiveness for later. Meaning, 'I will commit this sin because I know I can repent of it later'. I understood that scripture, from the context, to be addressed to Hebrews who were considering going back to Judaism because of persecution. As you can understand, the view presented by the preacher is very scary, especially to someone like me who received the Holy Ghost and was baptized at a young age, but who had a time of semi-backsliding. I allowed myself to sin during temptation because I had been taught that repentence was always available. I never wanted to sin but the temptation was easier to fall into because I knew of the forgiveness of Jesus. IF I believe what that preacher said, I cannot be saved, even though I have been living a holy life and loving God for several years since I was able to stop this intentional sin. Can you explain what the scripture means and maybe expound on what this preacher was saying?

Answer: We cannot expound on what this preacher has said since we have not heard him directly. We will let him speak for himself. As for the verse you referred to, we agree that it is speaking specifically to the Jews who were retreating from faith in Jesus and putting their hope in the Old Testament Temple worship. The point of the verse is, if you abandon the only source of forgiveness and salvation, then the only thing you have to look forward to is judgment. This warning would apply to anyone who has turned his back on the Lord and given up on His mercy. We do not believe this is what you did in your younger days. If you had, you would not be writing to us because you would not be concerned about whether or not you could be saved. We believe it is not too late for you. So keep living holy and loving God. Hope this helps.