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How do I know if this is the guy for me?

Submitted: 3/5/2008
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Question: I love this guy very much and God has called us into the church around the same time. I've known him for about four years now and he is the only guy that has had my heart ever since we have been in the world. But my question is, how do I know if he is the one that God wants me to be with? Please help!!!!

Answer: Our first question would be, has he asked you to marry him? If he hasn't, then you may not even need to be thinking about this. So the first consideration would be, does he want to be with you? In other words, are the feelings mutual? Does he want to marry you?

Next, are the two of you a positive influence on each other spiritually? Sometimes couples get so wrapped up in themselves that they begin to slip away from the Lord. This is a definite indication that the relationship is not of God. But if you actually help each other become more committed to God, that may be a positive sign.

Finally, what do other reliable people think about you and this man? We suggest you talk to some spiritually mature people who know both of you well and see what they think about your relationship. Perhaps by putting all these things together you will begin to recognize whether the hand of God is at work here or not.