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Helping people who hear voices

Submitted: 6/14/2004
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Question: I read your paper Shepherd or Counselor. What are you doing with people who complain of hearing voices? I am concerned about making some big mistakes? Also, what do you think about “Home Church”?

Answer: By home church, I assume you mean home group meetings, such as what I described in Shepherd or Counselor. At our church this is where people get help in serious prolbems. People who hear voices need to learn that they can reject these voices and do not have to do whatever the voices tell them. Such people need to be surrounded by a small group of loving and trustworthy people who can help them sort out the thoughts going through their head. They may also need prayer for deliverance. We have had people come off psychiatric drugs over time simply by participating in a home group. Sometimes people need to be rebuked and corrected, but this should always be done in a kind and loving way. It all can take place in a home group. Mistakes might be made from time to time, but over all, there is great safety in the multitude of counselors.