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Do you discriminate against those that feel tithing should no longer be practiced ?

Submitted: 2/27/2008
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Question: I would like to ask you if those that feel that tithing is no longer the method of support for Elders would be able to be equals in your local group in every way. There are many now that see Eldership and home groups that feel that the method of giving is to be from the heart now, and not some set percentage. You say in your tithing article... 'I certainly agree in principle that 100% belongs to God. But I also believe that He has established the first ten percent as a way for His people to honor Him and as His method for financing the work of the local assembly. This is not to say that anyone is limited to ten percent. ' When you say 'I believe...', just what are you basing such a large and powerful statement like that on ? I see nowhere in the article where you tell what you base your 'belief' on. I bring this up because I see nowhere in the NT where tithing was mentioned at all for the support of the work of God and leaders. Also, to say that Levites are not the only ones that were to receive tithe is to rewrite the law concerning tithing, correct ? I am sure that there is much more than this, but I know that you are bzy. I am asking because from my experience, if you do not render tithe in a Apostolic group, you are O U T out of any type of being equal. I have been thinking you and those in your group almost daily, and have been wondering just how you would feel about those out there like me and the others that I know across the Country that feel that tithe has been replaced by faith in knowing what God would have you to give from moment to moment in life. Thanks again !

Answer: We see no reason to believe that the tithe principle ended just because God came in the flesh. We agree with you that all giving should be from the heart and not as a grudging obligation. We also agree that giving should be a matter of faith and not a matter of law. But faith is always based on doctrine, which is what gives definition to our faith. For example, many people say they believe in Jesus, but everyone does not believe in the same Jesus (2 Corinthians 11:3-4). It is the doctrine that defines what it is we believe about Jesus. Different doctrine--different faith!

All true faith operates this way. We therefore see no contradiction between teaching that people should give the first tenth of their increase and teaching that they should give by faith from the heart. As a matter of fact, we consider this to be the correct faith. Of course, the tithe never puts a ceiling on what a person may give. The Bible differentiates between tithes and offerings. An offering is defined only as whatever a man purposes in his heart. It is therefore without limitation, either in how much or how little.

We can say that after twenty-five years of faithfully bringing the tithe into the storehouse, we have never run short and always enjoyed the blessings of God in countless ways. We can also say that those in our assembly who are faithful in their tithes are growing spiritually and being faithfully cared for by God. Obviously just giving the first ten percent of ones income is not the only thing involved in being pleasing to God, but we have found it to be a clear marker of the strength of a person's faith. We are sorry you do not agree with this doctrine, and we encourage you to reconsider your view.