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Can this woman leave this man?

Submitted: 2/23/2008
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Question: I have a friend who divorced her husband four years ago, due to abuse, drug use, and backsliding. They were talking and he stated he was clean and had come back to God. A month ago she moved back in with her grandchildren (their mother is in Iraq). She has grown children from a previous marriage and her husband has a son from a previous affair. Well, she has discovered that he is still drinking, he won't go to church, and has taken up a belief in polygamy. He refuses to make the marriage legal again, and won't allow her to discipline his child (who is very disrespectful). She feels stupid and used, since coming back he has gone through half of her savings paying of his past due bills, buying him a new truck etc... She wants to leave but wants to do the right thing living unto God's word. I am at a loss as to what to advise her. I believe the Bible allows a wife to leave a non-saved spouse, but need some guidance myself. Can you help?

Answer: You did not make clear if they are currently living together (you said she moved in with her grandchildren). Let us assume they are. If so, we say that she has no business living with this man and ought to get out immediately. In fact, she never should have moved in with him (if that's what she did). At this point she has no responsibility toward him at all. We say, tell her to get out and to stay away from him completely.