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Who is the second witness of Jesus?

Submitted: 2/6/2008
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Question: In John 8:16-18 Jesus said, 'But if I do judge, my decisions are right, because I am not alone. I stand with the Father, who sent me. 17 In your own Law it is written that the testimony of two men is valid. 18 I am one who testifies for myself; my other witness is the Father, who sent me.' Does this passage show two different entities? For the law said that the testimony of two men are valid.

Answer: The Father Jesus is referring to is not a man at all; He is a Spirit (John 4:24). As the Spirit, He brought forth the conception of the man Jesus, which explains why as a man He would call the Spirit His Father. The witnesses are the humanity and the deity of Jesus, the flesh and the Spirit. Speaking as a human being, the words of Jesus testified as to who He was. But He did not rest on human testimony alone. He said that the working of the Spirit through Him also served as a testimony as to who He was. He likened this to the requirements of the law, but we should not conclude from this that Jesus is one man and His Father is another. As we have said, the Father is a Spirit, not a man.