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Why is life unfair?

Submitted: 2/4/2008
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Question: I know nothing happens in my life without God knowing about it first. I work for a company where leadership allows family members to interfere with daily work by allowing them to hang around and work in the office. They are not part of the company but more like volunteers. They add to gossip and name calling and even talking about parents and staff. They are also very racial. I know I should pray about it, but are there any stories in the Bible where something similar happened? Is this another test?

Answer: It seems that nearly everything in life is a test. We do not know of a Bible story that is similar to your situation. We would say that it is important for you to be prayerful in order to keep your spirit right. We would also say that there would be nothing wrong with your making a complaint about any racially demeaning remarks. But having said that, the bottom line is that the boss gets to call the shots. In the end, there may be very little you can do about who gets to hang around. Your only other option would be to change jobs.