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What about when my church teaches false doctrine?

Submitted: 2/4/2008
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Question: I attend an apostolic church and thought the doctrines were the same as other apostolic churches. But now I realize that our church has different ways than the true apostolic doctrine, even when it is very plain in the Word of God. What do I need to do if the standards of the doctrine are not being set forth or taught. Please pray for me and ask the Lord to lead me in the right direction. Thank you.

Answer: You are in a very difficult situation. Keep in mind that not all doctrines are equal. For example, you may believe your assembly teaches an incorrect view on the second coming of Christ. While this is an important doctrine, there are many honest men who disagree on what is correct. So we would say that it may not rise to the level of importance where you would have to leave the church. On the other hand, if your assembly began to teach that baptism in Jesus name is not necessary, then we would say it is time to relocate. You will have to carefully and prayerfully assess the seriousness of the doctrinal deficiencies and determine whether they are serious enough to you that you would have to leave. We suggest you discuss your differences with the leaders of the assembly in a spirit of love and humility.