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What about this video of the sounds of hell?

Submitted: 1/22/2008
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Question: I am an Apostolic, Pentecostal Christian, and I firmly believe in hell as I believe everything in the Word of God as firm truth. I am a member of Facebook and I am forever being sent video clips of foolishness, however, I was online and happened to come across an audio clip called 'Sounds from Hell' and it was some workers who were drilling near the core of the earth and they believed they drilled into the gates of hell. Do you think this could be true? I only ask because I would like to post useful videos and other bits of information to help spread the word about the End Times and I just wondered if you believe that the workers actually picked up the screams of humans screaming from the burning flames of hell. I listened to the audio and it is startling as it sounds like the screams of women in absolute pain and the lower pitched groans of men in pain. God bless

Answer: We believe this is another example of foolishness and therefore encourage you not to pass it along. This sort of thing is easy to fabricate.