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Hair as the covering

Submitted: 1/10/2005
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Question: Thank you for your response. I cannot disagree with you that 'hair is given for a covering' and am ready to admit that this is one scripture that for some reason I am unable to accept as it stands, (at the moment) for the reasons I give in my original statement on this subject. But what I find interesting from your reply is that you are ready to accuse me of interpreting the scripture rather than accept the 'it is written' yet in answering my question on women preachers you are guilty of this very thing! This is not meant to be an attack on you in any way, but we must be consistent, if we are going to accept the 'it is written' in one place, we must accept it in every place. I would 'argue' that the topic on women's silence is far less open to debate than is the topic on woman's head covering. I mean without meaning to mix topics, what is there to understand about 'let your women be silent..for it is not permitted onto them to speak..this is a commandment of God'? I still love you.

Answer: Thank you for being honest with us. I think in the case of hair you were ignoring a plain statement that is supported by the context. In the case of women being silent, you were ignoring the context as well as other scriptural statements. Maybe we just disagree on these two points. But I still love you too.