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Leadership role reversal

Submitted: 1/2/2005
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Question: There are alot of women pastors that are out here now. And I know some powerful women in the pastor role. But I cannot find anything in the Bible to support their calling. Women pastors and women bishops, how can they say God called them when it is not apart of the order of God. Help me to understand. Thank you

Answer: God gives powerful gifts to women just as He does men. The question is, what are the appropriate ways for women to use their gifts. The Bible gives no authorization for women to serve in an oversight capacity in a local assembly (see our article called Why Women Cannot Serve In Oversight on Shelf 2 of the Apostolic Free Library). Having said this, let me also say that God will sometimes use those who make themselves available. The only reason women are currently serving as pastor/overseers is because the men God has equipped are not making themselves available. I place the responsibility on the men, not the woemn.