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Speaking in tongues

Submitted: 12/21/2004
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Question: I have been saved for almost 13 years, and Jesus has really blessed my life. I was on drugs 20 years of my life. When I gave my life to the Lord on june 2, 1992, I knew I was saved. I have never went to a drug program, but I hold drug programs at my church. I have never spoke in tongues, but I believe I have the Holy Ghost. Some spoke with tongues and others prophesied, and the word said in 1 Corinthians 14:22, 'Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe but to them that believe not.' I beleive with all my heart I have the Holy Ghost. Now I have had a dream and the Lord has given me a message to tell someone, and when I prophesied to him he laughed at me, and now he is serving a natural life sentece in jail. If he had listen to what the Lord had told me to tell him he would be home.

Answer: Please read our article called Speaking in Tongues in Church on Shelf 1 of the Apostolic Free Library. And please keep seeking the Lord. He has more for you.