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Why has my Holy Spirit experience changed?

Submitted: 10/27/2007
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Question: I received the Holy Spirit in such a way that I never doubted it again. I never received it again the same way. Have I done wrong to not receive it in such a powerful way again? I want to believe and trust it is the Holy Spirit when I speak in tongues, but why is it not the same as that day?

Answer: We assume you are saying that you spoke in tongues when you first received the Holy Spirit but haven't spoken in tongues since then. This is not a right or wrong issue, so don't treat yourself as though you have been bad. Instead, simply seek God for a contining renewal of the Spirit. Don't seek for the tongues experience, just seek to be filled with the Spirit. As your heart opens wide to Jesus and He begins to pour more of Himself into you, you will find that you can have this experience again and again. But you must open your heart wide to Jesus.