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Preachers speaking in tongues

Submitted: 12/20/2004
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Question: I would like to know and understand why is it that some preachers today are speaking in tongues. I visit churches and while the preacher is preaching, he or she starts to speak in a language that's unbeknowing to me and probably not just me. Then he/she starts speaking in English again. I was told that the Holy Ghost takes them over then they start that speaking in tongues. Why speak a lanuage in Church during a sermon if no ones know what you are uttering? Please make me understand this. Thank you so much for your reply.

Answer: Please read our article called Speaking in Tongues in Church found on Shelf 1 of the Apostolic Free library. This article explains the biblical basis for speaking in tongues. We cannot explain why any particular spiritual phenomenon happens and cannot judge whether it was proper or improper. We were not there. You must use biblical principles to evaluate what you personally experience in life.