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Boundaries -vs- Psychoheresy

Submitted: 12/12/2004
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Question: 'Boundaries' by Cloud and Townsend is recommended and quoted often by leaders, while--at the same time--'biblical psychology' is something you take a stand against. Please list the specific points 'Sons of Oil' adds that makes the use of the book 'Boundaries' biblical and useful rather than psychoheresy. Are self-control, unity and interdependence of the Body of Christ, responsibilities to others, and forgiving because God forgives topics in 'Sons of Oil' that complete 'Boundaries'? Your preaching tapes reflect all of this, but those who cannot afford to buy all the tapes might not get the entire 'picture.'

Answer: The Sons of Oil deals with the healing of inward wounds. But once wounds are healed, believers must begin living responsible lives in Jesus Christ. This is what Boundaries deals with. Even though the authors of Boundaries are trained in psychology, they have rejected most of the underlying psychological theories. We may not agree with every word, but we have found their basic approach to building responsible relationships to be very useful.

I would say that Boundaries is the follow-up to The Sons of Oil rather than the other way around. I would also say that I have found that those who find real inward healing are the ones who are truly desiring to live fruitful lives for Jesus. In other words, God doesn't heal us just so we can feel better, but so we can serve Him better. This is also a theme of the Boundaries authors. Anyone who takes an honest look at Boundaries will quickly see that it is Bible-based, not psychology-based.